Your First Visit

What to expect at your first visit

Entrance Paperwork: This is important for the doctor to determine the extent of your problem. Most paperwork should be done via our website, prior to your first visit.

Consultation: The doctor will sit down and talk with you about your condition to see if you have a condition that qualifies you for our care.

Exam: A thorough examination evaluating your spine for pressure at your brainstem will be done. The doctor will look at your posture, nerve function, muscle tension/soreness, reflexes and leg length deficiency.

X-rays: If a mis-alignment is found, pre x-rays are taken to determine the precise degree of spinal mis-alignment. This information is vital to correcting the mis-alignment.

Report: Once the x-rays are analyzed the doctor will go over your findings to show you what was found.

Test Adjustment: Once a problem is found, the doctor will adjust your spine using the an Upper Cervical procedure, and take post x-rays to verify the correction of your spine.

Follow Up Visit: Once the correction is complete, your first follow-up visit is scheduled for 3 - 7 days later. On this visit, the doctor will evaluate & check the correction, review an estimated schedule of care, and verify that you are progressing as expected.

*expect your first visit to take 60-90 minutes

Phase 1: Relief Care